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Dark Core:  A  New  Finding  about  the  Mystery  of  Gravity

Dark Core: A New Finding about the Mystery of Gravity

This paper explains a mysterious fact about Gravity which has been discovered after 11 years of research. Gravity is not the way Newton, Einstein or other physicists have thought over the years. Just like a magnet attracts iron dust towards itself, in the same way there is a mysterious object at the core of every planet and star which attracts every object that comes close to it. This paper explains about the nature of that mysterious object in details. And moreover, the attractive force of that mysterious object is what is normally called as gravitational force. Further, this paper also explains with some suitable pictures as to why stars over a large range of distances revolve around their galaxy's centerat equal or increasing speed which is not similar tothe orbital velocities of planets. Scientists today are struggling enough to explain this mystery with the help of some kind of imaginary matter known as “Dark Matter” which they have never found practically or detected experimentally. But this paper completely explains everything even without the help of “Dark Matter” and also includes proof about the authenticity of the theory.


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